Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Nikolov on Darik Radio: We created a sound institution with well-qualified auditors


Only in 1997 the Bulgarian National Audit Office (BNAO) examined 25 privatizations and identified abandoned investments for over 1 billion Bulgarian leva, 6.5 million US dollars and 1.5 million deutschmarks. In total, it carried out 75 checks on privatization transactions, said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Nikolov on “The Week” Programme on Darik Radio in an interview dedicated to the 140th anniversary since the establishment of the National Audit Office and the 25th anniversary since its restoration. Assoc. Prof. Nikolov insisted that it is important to know the history of the institution and be aware who exercises control on public funds – this is the aim of the current initiative of the acting BNAO management.

Pouring money into the healthcare system without seeking accountability was one of the weaknesses established in those early years of operation of the National Audit Office. One of the first checks of the restored institution included the level of collection of funds of 31 budgetary entities. The summary report included a number of recommendations to address the shortcomings, remembers Assoc. Prof. Nikolov.

During its first 9-year term, the NAO witnessed 3 governments, 2 caretaker governments, 3 Presidents and 3 National Assemblies and none of those institutions meddled into the work of the National Audit Office, proudly admits Georgi Nikolov.

He considers his greatest achievement the fact that his colleagues managed to create a sound institution with well-qualified auditors and that the NAO became a member of INTOSAI. The new law of 2001 introduced the terms “audit”, “auditor” and “international audit standards” into the Bulgarian legal system.

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