Audit of EU funds - a main topic of discussions between Bulgarian and Macedonian auditors


A delegation from the State Audit Office of the Republic of North Macedonia visited the Bulgarian National Audit Office from 11 to 15 March, 2019. The visit was under Component 2: "Strengthening of SAO audit capacities" of the Twinning project "Further improvement of administrative capacities and external audit efficiency of the State Audit Office".

The President of BNAO, Мr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov, welcomed the participants in the internship and expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the project. Ms. Lilyana Stoyanova, Assistant Auditor General of the State Audit Office of the North Republic of Macedonia thanked the Bulgarian experts, taking part in the project, for their professionalism and dedication during the missions. She underscored that the four pilot performance audits, applying the BNAO methodology, are actively undergoing. Macedonian auditors are very interested in the audit of EU funds, with about 40 auditors being already trained in this area, Ms Stoyanova said. A Training Plan for 2019 was developed under Component 2 of the project and a Human Resource Management Strategy is under preparation.

The first part of the practical training during the visit was aimed at auditing EU funds. Its main focus was the presentation of the audit methodology, the examination of case studies, the elaboration and use of working papers and practical exercises on the application of the audit methodology. The lecturers were auditors of “Performance Audit Directorate” - Detelina Hadjieva, Nikolay Draganov and Mariana Nakova.

Practical training was also carried out to evaluate the financial management and control systems, as well as the audit methodology, supported by different case studies and working documents was presented. Lecturers were the heads of departments in the "Specific Audits Directorate " Malina Simeonova and Genoveva Vineva.


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