BNAO President presented innovative approaches in interaction with citizens and stakeholders at the annual CC meeting in Dubrovnik


The BNAO President, Tzvetan Tzvetkov, presented the BNAO’s proactive role in using innovative approaches for communication and interaction with citizens and other stakeholders, aimed at preparing updated audit programme which meets the citizens’ expectations and corresponds to the transparency of the institution.

The 2018 annual meeting of the Contact Committee was hosted by the State Audit Office of Croatia in Dubrovnik in the period 11-12 October, 2018.

“Contact Committee is a highly qualified network for professional contacts among auditors in the EU public sector which is being constantly developed through its working groups and forums, working on concrete audit topics of interest and importance for EU citizens”, said Mr. Ivan Klešić, Auditor General of the State Audit Office of Croatia in his welcome speech of the CC meeting.

The main discussion topic at this year’s Contact Committee meeting was: Interaction with citizens – opening SAIs. Member States and EU institutions, including EU SAIs are currently facing at national and supra-national level a lots of challenges and should bear in mind that issues such as Brexit, migration, and climate change include aspects relevant for citizens’ lives.

Experience was exchanged in different aspects among the heads of SAIs: ways of responding to the EU citizens’ needs and concerns, as well as best practices for enhancing interaction with citizens were discussed.

Mr Ivica Tolic, Member of the European Parliament provided an EU perspective on the issue. Ms Karen Hill from SIGMA and Ms. Leatitia Veriter, Citizes for Europe also shared their views on this topical issue.

In the ensuing discussions the Contact Committee took note of activities carried out by its working bodies and professional partners, as well as of the relevant activities of the individual member SAIs.

The next meeting will be hosted and chaired by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland in June 2019 in Warsaw, with seminar topic already agreed to be: New information technologies – challenges and opportunities for EU SAIs.

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