Bulgarian National Audit Office implements a second twinning project for the Republic of North Macedonia in partnership with SAI Croatia


The National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria has been selected to implement a twinning project "Improvement of external audit and Parliamentary oversight" with beneficiaries: State Audit Office and the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Bulgarian National Audit Office will work on this project as junior partner in consortium with the SAI of Croatia as lead partner. This is the second twinning project that the two SAIs implement jointly for the Republic of North Macedonia, and in the first twinning project, their roles in the consortium were exchanged.

The second project is a continuation of the recommendations made in the first twinning project - improvement of external audit in North Macedonia and its effectiveness, including through active cooperation between the State Audit Office and the Parliament, and also - to continue the processes of harmonization of regulations and the development of methodological tools, as well as to strengthen administrative capacity.

Auditors from the SAIs of Germany and Estonia will share their expertise is some of the projects activities.

The project budget amounts to 1.5 million euros. The launch of the project is planned for the beginning of the next year, 2021. The twinning project will be realized through the implementation of the following 4 components:

Component 1: Enhanced legal framework relevant to external audit and improved SAO strategic and annual planning

 Component 2: Improved administrative capacities and external audit processes

Component 3: Improved legislative scrutiny function of the Parliament based on processing and discussion of SAO audit reports

Component 4: Improved external and internal communication and IT and IT audit capacities


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