Interview with the BNAO President on Darik Radio


The interview of the BNAO President on Darik Radio launched an information campaign dedicated to the 140th anniversary since the establishment of the institution and the 25th anniversary since its restoration.

The joint initiative will trace the traditions and the present features of the National Audit Office. Live interviews will be held with all BNAO Presidents since 1995 and with other representatives of its management. The radio audience will learn about other notable personalities whose life has been linked to the National Audit Office, and will hear interesting facts about its history. The programme will be aired once per month on “The Week” broadcast.

In the interview of Kiril Valchev with Tzvetan Tzvetkov you will learn when and how the institution was established, which were the main audits in 2019 and what are the challenges facing BNAO in 2020.

Link to the interview

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