Lidia Rumenova on Darik Radio: The National Audit Office must be a partner in the budget process


An interview with Lidia Rumenova, BNAO President in the period 2014 – 2015, on the broadcast jointly organized by Darik Radio and the BNAO on the occasion of the 140th anniversary since the establishment of the National Audit Office and 25 years since its restauration.

Lidia Rumenova raised the question of BNAO independence, which calls for political will in order to avoid the untimely termination of officials’ mandates, as well as to secure financial independence.

The SAI must be a major partner in drafting the state budget, as is the case in many other countries, because it points to cases of omissions, violations or inappropriate spending of funds. This could help the National Assembly in the new budget process, stressed Lidia Rumenova. Also, the implementation of the budget must be discussed, and not only its adoption.

Ms. Rumenova qualified the BNAO auditors as competent, knowledgeable and capable professionals. She congratulated her colleagues for their hard work and wished them every success on the occasion of the institution’s anniversary.

The full broadcast is available here:

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