National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva opened a photo exhibition dedicated to two anniversaries of the National Audit Office - 135 years from its establishment and 20th anniversary from its restoration


The National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva opened a photo exhibition in the Parliament dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the establishment and 20th anniversary of the restoration of the Supreme Audit Institution of Bulgaria. The exposition presents its long history and traces its way through the years. Members of the parliament, the current BNAO Board and former BNAO presidents, representatives of legislative and executive power, who have participated in the preparation and adoption of the BNAO act on 27th July 1995, attended the event.

Tsetska Tsacheva noted that the BNAO is one of the first institutions established in the post-liberation Bulgaria as written in the Tarnovo Constitution and stressed that the main challenge which our SAI faces today is to preserve the rich traditions of the external independent budget control. The Parliament members should consider and use more effectively the work of the BNAO highly qualified professionals, pointed out Tsetska Tsacheva.

The first BNAO president Dr. Georgi Nikolov expressed his appreciation to the Parliament for the attention given on the occasion of the BNAO anniversary. As Chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee in the 37th National Assembly, Dr. Georgi Nikolov reminded of the huge efforts and difficulties experienced in the adoption of the National Audit Office Act.

The current BNAO President Tzvetan Tzvetkov emphasized the BNAO role in improving the management of public finances, as well as its joining to the professional international organizations such as INTOSAI and EUROSAI. During the years, the BNAO has proved to be an independent, efficient and effective control body, stated Tzvetan Tzvetkov.

Tzvetan Tzvetkov gave to the National Assembly President the symbol of the institution – a statuette of a falcon stepped over a cliff of coins and expressed his wishes the Parliament’s decisions to be directed towards improving the good governance and public financial control.

Before the official start of the exhibition, the President Tzvetan Tzvetkov received all presidents headed the institution since 1995 – Dr. Georgi Nikolov, Prof. Valeri Dimitrov, Lidia Roumenova and prof. Mihail Dinev. The BNAO Vice –Presidents Goritsa Grancharova and Toshko Todorov, the BNAO member Emil Evlogiev and Iliana Ivanova – the Bulgarian Member of the European Court of Auditors were also present at the meeting.


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