The Bulgarian National Audit Office chose the winners of its annual audit awards for 2020


The winners of the BNAO annual audit awards for 2020 were chosen by a decision of the BNAO board.

The award “BNAO Auditor for 2020” was given to Persida Mineva, an auditor in the Audit Directorate I "Financial Audits" at remote office location – the city of Montana. She was awarded for her high professionalism and competence as head of audit teams of six financial audits of the annual financial statements of municipalities during the year.  During the audits were found out significant incorrect reports. One of the audits resulted with information related to a crime and the relevant materials were sent to the Prosecutor's office.

The award "BNAO Audit Team for 2020" was given to the team that conducted the audit of the State Enterprise "Bulgarian Sports Lottery". Members of the audit team are:

- Dimitar Elkov, Chief Auditor, Head of the audit team

- Verzhinia Radulova, Chief Auditor, member of the audit team

- Petya Ilieva, Chief Auditor, member of the audit team

- Petar Karapaunov, Senior auditor-first degree, member of the audit team

 - Ana Bozhkova, trainee auditor, member of the audit team

The audit revealed significant shortcomings in the legislation, which led to unequal market conditions for the Bulgarian Sports Lottery, compared to its private competitors and permanent losses. As a result, the funds for the Bulgarian sport initiatives and schools have decreased.

The award “BNAO Head for 2020" was given to Rosena Gadjeva, Head of Department Performance Audits of EU Funds in the Performance Audits Directorate. The award is given not only for effective quality control of eleven audits, but also for providing methodological support to audit teams and her participation in the process of updating the Audit Manual, module Performance Audits.

The winners will receive an honorary diploma and artistic sculpture of the symbol of the Bulgarian National Audit Office - a falcon standing on a rock of coins.


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