The President of the BNAO made an online presentation on the importance of auditing ethics for a SAI


The President of the BNAO, Tzvetan Tzvetkov, participated in e- seminar of the EUROSAI Task Force on Audit and Ethics on “Methods and measuring tools to audit ethics”.

On the seminar Mr. Tzvetkov made an online presentation about the importance of auditing ethics for a SAI. He explained that SAIs can check the ethics in the organizations when examining the internal control system of the audited organization and both the adequacy of the control environment and the reliability of the established control procedures can be assessed. SAIs can also perform a separate compliance audit aimed at assessing the existence and functioning of the ethical infrastructure both in the budget organization and for the entire public sector, said Mr.Tzvetkov.

The presentation aroused great interest among the participants in the seminar and the President of the BNAO answered online the questions.

Representatives from the Croatian SAI also made two presentations during the first session of the web seminar.

The seminar continued with a discussion on what can be developed as general instructions and methodology for auditing ethics.

The web seminar will continue in 6 consecutive online sessions till the 9th of March.


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